Financial sustainability

Invest in a better future

“What we do has a far greater impact than what we say.” Managing your wealth wisely is about safeguarding the future, by delivering performance and positive impact for the next generations. That’s why we have put environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria at the heart of our investment strategy.

We care about investing in a better future.

Climate change is by far the most critical issue facing humanity today. The signs of global warming are everywhere, in shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels and extreme weather events. The message is clear: our way of life is no longer sustainable.

As investors what can we do to ensure the next generation enjoys a clean and safe world? We believe that the answer lies in anticipating future disruptions, while actively supporting solutions. And that the best way to achieve this is through ESG investing.

Responsible business is good business

The consensus among economists is that companies that place environmental, social and governance factors at the heart of their business agenda are most likely to secure a successful future.

As more responsible business practices become the new norm, the firms most likely to outperform the herd are those that leverage sustainability to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We focus on identifying these “rising stars” – the innovators pioneering disruptive business models tailored to the aspirations of today’s socially and environmentally conscious consumer.

By integrating ESG criteria into our investment strategy – from asset allocation to investment selection and risk management – we aim to deliver superior long-term performance, while maximizing the positive impact of your wealth, today and in the future.

More about us

Hoving Partners is a management team of experts that is completely independent from all banks and agents. We dig deep, think ahead of the curve and operate nimbly, in collaboration with our network of specialists. Socially and economically aware, we care about investing in a better future.