Pragmatic and transparent

We’ve mastered the fine art
of getting to the point.

Your time is precious. So is your trust. Now that you’re on board, our journey together has only just begun. Throughout our relationship, we will provide you with continual care through regular face-to-face meetings and detailed reporting, with total transparency. We’ll always be direct, frank and honest with you. We also know the importance of being good listeners.

Experts guaranteed by independence

Hoving Partners is completely independent from all banks and agents.

Our autonomy gives our wealth management experts the freedom to make truly objective decisions – to the benefit of your portfolio.

It means that we select only top-performing investment products and asset managers that meet your specific requirements and tolerance for risk. It also enables us to work with several Swiss custodian banks, giving you the freedom to choose the bank that suits you best.

By aligning our interests with yours, our independence frees us to focus exclusively on achieving your performance objectives – and frees you to spend your time on what you do best.

More about us

Hoving Partners is a management team of experts that is completely independent from all banks and agents. We dig deep, think ahead of the curve and operate nimbly, in collaboration with our network of specialists. Socially and economically aware, we care about investing in a better future.