Why Hoving Partners ?

Predicting tomorrow by
being inquisitive today.

Trust is our bedrock. We operate with clarity, honesty, accountability, intelligence and respect in all our dealings — internally, with our clients and partners, and through our strategic alliances, too.

We dig deep, think ahead of the curve and operate nimbly, in collaboration with our network of specialist advisors.

This sets us firmly apart from the ‘group-think’ or sales-driven mindsets of many large firms. Overall, we believe there are four main reasons to choose Hoving Partners.

Complete independence.

Hoving Partners is fully owned by its partners and employees, and is completely independent from all banks and agents. This ensures that our clients receive truly objective advice on how to best grow and protect their wealth.

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Flexible intelligence for a disruptive world.

Our thirst for deeper insight into what drives today’s disruptive economies and business ecosystems ensures our investment strategy stays supremely relevant.

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The network effect.

The world is so complex that you can never have all the expertise you need under one roof. That is why Hoving Partners has built a powerful network of specialists who work with us to generate a continuous pipeline of opportunities – our Wealth Network.

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A solid track record spanning more than a decade.

Last but not least, we combine the entrepreneurial energy of a young company with a decade-long track record.

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Swiss stability, international reach

It’s no coincidence that Hoving Partners has been established in Switzerland for over a decade.

Home to arguably the world’s most reliable banking system, Switzerland offers unique benefits for our clients:

A haven of stability

Switzerland is renowned for its political stability, strong currency, fiscal discipline and solid banking system. It makes sense to diversify part of one’s wealth to Switzerland.

Superior reporting tools

Thanks to their unrivalled expertise in wealth management, Swiss custodian banks are able to deliver superior reporting on investment portfolios.


Swiss custodian banks are ranked among the safest in the world. That’s because they focus exclusively on safeguarding the assets entrusted to them and refrain from high-risk banking or lending activities.


Switzerland has a tradition of secrecy. For example, its status as the world’s largest gold trader is one of many little-known facts that the Swiss rarely divulge.

Switzerland’s location in the heart of Europe complements Hoving Partners’ international network and global reach amongst partners and clients alike.

More about us

Hoving Partners is a management team of experts that is completely independent from all banks and agents. We dig deep, think ahead of the curve and operate nimbly, in collaboration with our network of specialists. Socially and economically aware, we care about investing in a better future.