Digital technologies are changing the investment landscape

The economic models that have reliably delivered growth to the world economy over the past decades are currently undergoing a profound transformation. This evolution is forcing companies to reinvent their business models, production processes, organization and relationships with clients.

The digital revolution has accelerated these structural changes, enabled disruptive innovation, sped up competition and returned a degree of power to end-users.

Last spring, Hoving Partners was invited by the Institut Supérieur de Formation Bancaire (ISFB) in Geneva to participate in the HES Kalaidos Postgraduate program, a three-day training course on the implications of the digital revolution for asset managers.

We presented some of the key trends driving the emergence of new economic models, with a special focus on the impact of the collaborative and circular economy, as well as how production is likely to evolve over the next decade in response to these trends.

Cecilia Jacquérioz, Chief Investment Officer, Hoving Partners