Hoving Partners launches first 5G certificate

This autumn, Hoving Partners has launched an actively managed certificate focusing on 5G technology, as a way of providing our clients with access to an exciting new technology with important implications for the future of the global economy.

5G promises vastly lower latency and higher data capacity than previous generations of telecommunication networks. This will drive new business models around autonomous driving, streaming gaming and superapps, to name just a few.

Our 5G certificate is the result of a partnership with Dasym, an independent research-driven investment company who will act as the investment manager. Dasym has a collaboration agreement with the think tank FreedomLab to research the development of 5G and its applications in order to identify high-potential investment opportunities.

The certificate will be managed actively along different sectors, ranging from 5G infrastructure to the applications that will be used daily by the companies and consumers of the future. In the early rollout phase, the focus will be on telecom operators and infrastructure investments in base stations, antennas and silicon, for instance. Applications will be phased in progressively, as 5G adoption gains traction.