Impact Investing

Mr. Everard has been deeply engaged with Climate change since 1988 and he has organised several events and panel discussions with leading scientists in the field. He supports a range of nature preservation projects in a.o. Chile, Alaska, Peru and Romania and started a mobile educational bus initiative Regatul Salbatic (wild kingdom) to educate children in Romania about the importance of nature preservation.

He was one of the speaker at the 2019 Summit of Minds where he discussed the following subjects:

  • Climate Emergency – What must we do? How to Invest accordingly? Five invited professionals in the field each gave their perspective on the subject. For example professor Maria Ojala spoke about the Greta Thunberg effect and how young people think, feel, cope, act, learn, and communicate about global environmental problems, with a specific focus on climate change. What does this imply for the CEO’s of today and how will it impact consumer behaviour.
  • ESG Strategies – Is the direction of travel clear?

Here he discussed the aspect of Governance that is the driving force behind solid and impactful Environmental and Societal values. The companies scoring highest on Governance outperform the S&P by a margin of 4% annually! ‘’Doing the right thing has a better chance of making money’’

He has been involved with Hoving Partners as one of our consultants for ESG-related investments.