Inside Track – June 2019

This month’s topics are:

  • It is increasingly evident that trade and geopolitics are throwing a major spanner in the works of global economic growth, affecting in particular manufacturing and investment.
  • Negative-yielding bonds now amount to an all-time high of USD12.5tr.
  • Irrespective of how trade negotiations turn out, the Sino-American rupture is a reality.
  • Emerging markets may well be the greatest casualty of this current maelstrom.
  • Some analysts claim that threats of ‘cyber MAD’ are progressively replacing ‘nuclear MAD’.
  • When we reject silo thinking and start connecting the dots between economics, geopolitics, societal issues, the environment and tech, a picture of a disorderly world emerges with force.
  • Velocity versus sustainability – we normally assume that e-commerce is ‘good’ for the environment because it reduces our carbon footprint.


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