Our services

We offer two types of services: Discretionary and Advisory Mandates, in the reference currencies EUR, USD and CHF.

Investment Management

We structured this complex process to best serve clients return and risk objectives.


The right asset allocation is key to achieve the desired risk-adjusted returns.

Critical selection

In the selection process we look for quality assets, while respecting defined exclusion criteria.

Flexible intelligence

The speed of innovation profoundly impacted business models today. We understand and
anticipate these structural and even disruptive changes in view of the investment strategy
for clients.

Keep it simple

Our open architecture enables us to select and to propose to clients best-in-class instruments.

We use a classical in-house and top-down approach taking into account economic, political and social variables, necessary to determine the right asset allocation per strategy. We further identify trends and ecosystems, and develop medium and long-term investment projections.

For each asset class, we favor a Core-Satellite approach. The Core is the backbone of the asset allocation, while the Satellites are selected to create extra added value. The Core and Satellites are complementary and enable the portfolios to profit from the best-of-both-worlds.

The Core in the equity part consists of best-in-class companies, leaders in their industry and represents a major part of the total equity allocation. Within the Satellites, we identify structural changes that are disruptive and are changing the shape of the economy and society now or in the near future. Our added value consists of identifying these secular changes and, together with our partners and specialists in different industries, creating tailor-made products reflecting our views.

Our investment intelligence is also applied to create smart investment solutions, available to all clients. Actively Managed Certificates (AMC or certificate) are cost-efficient, easier to manage and we focus on daily liquidity. All certificates allow for a greater diversification and flexibility, with better risk control and lower volatility, adding additional value to our clients.

To be reactive in a rapidly changing environment we leverage a network of scientists, academics, and investment professionals with a specialized know-how in disruptive industries. Our main focus is digitalization, the internet of things, and 5G as well as themes like healthcare, biotechnology, green transition and cybersecurity, concentrated in AMC managed by the right specialist(s).

We also structure in-house AMC’s.