Wealth management

Wealth management

A platform of stability and expertise
for a new generation.

Our investment philosophy helps explain our way of thinking about wealth management and investment strategy. The world has changed: innovation has consequences.

How to invest when disruption is the new status quo?

The speed of innovation and the environmental impact of globalization have profoundly impacted business models today.

Not all companies are equally well placed to adapt. For instance, Yale University claims the average lifespan of an S&P500 company has been reduced from 67 to just 15 years. Some economists believe that just 10 years from now, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies may have gone out of business.

Stability & flexible intelligence

Emerging technologies are impacting – and often disrupting – business models across entire industries and sectors. Today’s wealth management strategies require independent thinking, fresh insight and a strong network

The consequence for traditional wealth management are significant.

As emerging technologies threaten large-cap companies, typical buy-and-hold strategies are likely to deliver lacklustre performance. This shift exposes the gaps in the traditional approach to wealth management. We aim to fill those gaps.

Four principles guide our approach to investment strategy and ensure it remains supremely relevant in a fast-changing world.

The best way to secure your wealth over the long term is to avoid having to recoup significant capital losses along the way.

Income from dividends or interest allows you to either diversify or to sustain your family’s lifestyle, while providing additional protection against inflation.

We combine traditional bottom-up research with top-down ecosystem thinking. Which industries affect each other? Which companies are best placed to succeed in this disruptive environment?

Getting the right mix of assets across different classes is crucial. We employ diversified investment strategies, and monitor and rebalance assets in your portfolio as needed.

A strong network

Investment services & products

Our services range from Discretionary Portfolio management, Advisory Mandates to Investment consulting. Depending on your objectives, we advise you on both listed and unlisted investments, across multiple reference currencies and levels of risk.
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We leverage our investment intelligence to create smart solutions, which are available to all our clients, for all portfolios. Our range of in-house investment products – such as our Hoving Partners Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) – are cost-efficient, easier to manage and enable us to better control risk.

In addition to investment services and financial products, we advise you on all aspects of managing your wealth, including tax optimization and estate & succession planning.