Advice backed by a deep understanding of businesses

Choosing Hoving Partners as your trusted investment advisor, gives you access to a deep and broad pool of knowledge and insights to make the right investment choices.

Sound decision-making relies on the depth and breadth of the information you receive.

We bring you fresh insights and expert knowledge to improve your investment decision-making in line with your goals.

All our clients have their own investment committee, whether formal or informal. This committee helps manage, protect and grow your wealth for current and future generations.

Choosing Hoving Partners as your trusted investment advisor gives you access not only to our core team of investment experts, but also to a hand-picked network of specialist advisors and partners – a deep and broad pool of knowledge and insights on financial markets, economics, innovation ecosystems and technology, as well as trust offices and legal and tax advisors.

Wealth planning

As independent advisors, we provide you with objective advice on your investment management strategy and wealth planning.

Market and performance insight

We provide fresh insights on the global and local economic dynamics that impact your investments. We help identify new threats and opportunities, monitor markets, assess the performance of external service providers and advise on rebalancing your mix of assets and investments.

Private capital opportunities

Through our network we frequently hear about interesting business opportunities. We share these with our clients if we think they fit their investment profile.

Danum Ecosystems

Our partnership with the long/short equity manager Erwin Kooij of Danum Ecosystems gives us access to analytical tools and thematic analysis that help identify winners and losers within various business ecosystems. This includes a collaboration agreement with FreedomLab in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s leading innovation hubs.

Research and (fund) advisory

Specialized funds are playing an increasingly important role in wealth management. We research a wide range of financial products to help you identify opportunities with confidence. We analyse each fund’s objective, risk and reward profiles, fees, performance and more. We dig deeper and meet on a regular basis with fund managers.

A strong network

Investment services & products

Our services range from Discretionary asset management, Active advisory to Investment consulting. Depending on your objectives, we advise you on both listed and unlisted investments, across multiple reference currencies and levels of risk.

We leverage our investment intelligence to create smart solutions, which are available to all our clients, for all portfolios. Our range of in-house investment products – such as our Hoving Partners Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) – are cost-efficient, easier to manage and enable us to better control risk.

In addition to investment services and financial products, we advise you on all aspects of managing your wealth, including tax optimization and estate and succession planning.