Discretionary asset management

Your wealth, managed by us,
with your consent.

Time is precious. Our discretionary portfolio services frees clients  from day-to-day investment decisions, so they can focus on what they do best.

Typically, we construct portfolios around our core strategy, according to our internal investment processes and risk control mechanisms.

We deliver a clear perspective on how to manage wealth in today’s turbulent financial markets and disruptive business environment.

Our forward-looking investment strategy and philosophy help clients understand the challenges they are confronted with.

We begin by assessing and defining each client’s objectives and risk profile. We then tailor their portfolios to their specific needs to ensure the investments are suitable and appropriate for each client at all times.

We monitor portfolios on an ongoing basis. We recognize risk, and know how to manage it according to changing market conditions.

Along with regular financial reports, yearly fiscal statements, as well as digital and other reporting, each client has a dedicated relationship manager who is always on hand to answer any questions. All our staff are kept up to date on our investment strategy via weekly internal investment meetings.

Finally, Hoving Partners employs a transparent fee structure, depending on account size, risk profiles and specific requirements, as do our custodian banks.

A strong network

Investment services & products

Our services range from Discretionary asset management, Active advisory to Investment consulting. Depending on your objectives, we advise you on both listed and unlisted investments, across multiple reference currencies and levels of risk.

We leverage our investment intelligence to create smart solutions, which are available to all our clients, for all portfolios. Our range of in-house investment products – such as our Hoving Partners Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) – are cost-efficient, easier to manage and enable us to better control risk.

In addition to investment services and financial products, we advise you on all aspects of managing your wealth, including tax optimization and estate and succession planning.