Investment consulting

Meticulous research and an international perspective

Alongside wealth management, Hoving Partners also advises families and high-net worth individuals on their overall strategic allocation.

We take into consideration all family assets and investments to create an overview of the entire portfolio. This enables us to identify risks and opportunities and define an investment strategy that meets the client’s objective. The strategic asset allocation is regularly reviewed, and adjusted when necessary.

Each family has its own way of organizing its investments. In most cases, however, the strategy is overseen by an investment committee, of which the investment consultant is a member. The purpose of the committee is to discuss the global economic outlook, identify threats and opportunities, monitor markets, assess the performance of asset and fund managers, as well as other service providers, and rebalance the mix of assets.

The role of the investment consultant is to share his or her insights, strategic vision and investment ideas with the committee members.

Additionally, we are able to advise you on estate and tax planning, through our network of trusted fiscal specialists and trust offices. Structuring the family fortune so that it benefits all family members is a challenge. Hoving Partners can help you get it right, ensuring your wealth continues to provide both performance and positive impact for the next generations.

A strong network

Investment services & products

Our services range from Discretionary asset management, Active advisory to Investment consulting. Depending on your objectives, we advise you on both listed and unlisted investments, across multiple reference currencies and levels of risk.

We leverage our investment intelligence to create smart solutions, which are available to all our clients, for all portfolios. Our range of in-house investment products – such as our Hoving Partners Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) – are cost-efficient, easier to manage and enable us to better control risk.

In addition to investment services and financial products, we advise you on all aspects of managing your wealth, including tax optimization and estate and succession planning.