Wealth Network

Getting the best from a strong ecosystem. 

Our alliances with award-winning specialists, family offices, universities, friends and ambassadors of our firm give us access to a broad, diverse and deep pool of knowledge and experience – our Wealth Network. In this way we offer our clients a platform of stability, combining the expertise of a large firm with the personalized care and flexible intelligence of a boutique wealth management firm.
Connect and take part.

Maximise investment opportunities through knowledge and contacts

We believe that predicting what will happen tomorrow is about being inquisitive today. To make sound choices we meticulously research innovations and potential investment opportunities. We consult with academics, experts and entrepreneurs across various industries. We visit companies to understand how they work. We dig deep, and think ahead of the curve to identify the best investment opportunities in today’s fast-changing world.

Our inquisitive nature enables us to implement the investment strategy that’s right for you and co-create your wealth.


Members of the Hoving Partners team are regularly invited to share their views on investment strategy, wealth management and ESG investing at international conferences and industry events.

We see this as an opportunity to connect with the scientists, business leaders and innovators whose understanding of today’s critical issues will shape the world of tomorrow.

Some of these award-winning specialists are invited to join our Wealth Network, expanding our pool of knowledge and skills to navigate a fast-changing world. Their insights fuel our strategic vision and enable us to advise you on how best to maximize the positive impact of your wealth.


Hoving Partners client events are a way for our team to get to know you better, in a relaxed atmosphere. We share our perspectives, discover common interests and passions, and learn more about what drives you to excel.

Additionally, we regularly invite experts from our Wealth Network to present their views to our clients, fostering an inspiring exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Accessing opportunities

We meet many entrepreneurs and experts. These contacts are a continuous source of business ideas and opportunities. Being at the centre of network means we are in a position to create connections, and give our clients exclusive access to private investments that fit their profile.

Investment services & products

Our services range from Discretionary asset management, Active advisory to Investment consulting. Depending on your objectives, we advise you on both listed and unlisted investments, across multiple reference currencies and levels of risk.

We leverage our investment intelligence to create smart solutions, which are available to all our clients, for all portfolios. Our range of in-house investment products – such as our Hoving Partners Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) – are cost-efficient, easier to manage and enable us to better control risk.

In addition to investment services and financial products, we advise you on all aspects of managing your wealth, including tax optimization and estate and succession planning.